Application form for new members

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Application form for new members

Post by Dread on Mon Jan 27, 2014 1:53 pm

Copy and paste this to a new topic/forum and one of us will take a look at it.  If you have any questions PM me.

----------------------------------*** YOU MAY NOT BE IN AN ACTIVE OFFENSIVE WAR OR AUTOMATIC DENY***----------------------------------

Ruler Name:
Nation Link:
Past or Present Alliances:
Are you at war now? (if yes explain):
Who recruited you?:
If you weren't recruited, how did you find us?:

How long have you been playing P&W?:
Will you actively participate on these forums (at least once a week)?:
Do you use IRC, or know how to use it?:
If not, are you willing to learn about it and use it actively?:

Tell us something about yourself!:
Why do you want to join FEB?:
What can we expect from you?:
What can you contribute to FEB? (skills etc):

Until we approve you please apply for alliance membership in game as well. You will then gain entry to FEB once you are accepted.


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